Swimmingpool, Swimmingpool,
Swimming in the swimmingpool,

Blood ist cheap,
so take this force-meat

let´s be foolish
water flows out of the tube

the flow of humans
is a joke

bitter or sweet
for the creepy creeps

peep, peep, peep

throug the satin Sheets

out of the swimminpool
the bloody blood now fleets

(fact – already today each 6 ticks of the sweep Hand a human beeing has to perish!)

(About 6000! Liter of fresh! water is wasted by an average HDC-inhabitant, the
maintenance of an luxury-boat squanders about 100.000 Liter of sweet water per day! (1000 Liter per meter)…..)

We admire the rich, we want to become rich,
come on, let´s do some efforts,
we´ll get it …………………………….6000 ´s a joke! isn´t it?

Let´s reach out for the Millions – because a really rich guy
has not only one netty boat –
no there are many cute things in his portfolio to be maintenanced

let´s delete a few more millions of useless bodies
we are the one´s
we are worth it!

(in advance 3/22/16 – 17  we will be even  worse – ups – ähm – i wanted to write „better“!)





Über oberham

Einsiedler in Hinterwald
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3 Antworten zu Swimmingpool

  1. fini09 schreibt:

    by the way… you have noticed surely we are living in ‚hell‘ ;( and it’s getting worse every single day..we are ‚here‘ but not ‚from‘ here..intruders into the hell..;( let’s beat’m as long as we’re alive…
    Your verses are harsh but indeed, fit into reality.
    Thank you;)

  2. Dude schreibt:

    Guess i’m a bit offtopic here with this, but after i’ve done with all the administrations here, i have to jump in that pool later…

    Greetings from the hottest place on earth – feeling like grill-meat 😉

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