Taro Aso wants old people to hurry up and die!

People are shocked, what a lack of concience, empathy!
Oh, my dear philathropists, it´s just scrambling for the profits.

For old the old and rich its not at all a problem, they can pay for their treatment, for the pepole who are depended of public or private insurances there will be scales of death, the moment where the rich can pay prices, sactisfactory for the „health industrie“, hurry up and die, will be the opportune slogan for everybody.

So one year longer for a rich rotting body – brings more profit, than insurace business plus health care would bring for a normal beeing, able to live another 20 yeras, but dependent on some help from the community.

By the way, that´s nothing else, than what we are already doing in the global context!

So – be rich or guilty! Fight for your personal success! Loosers may die, the earlier, the better – so every four seconds a child is dying becauso of lack of water, or nourishment, they are wise loosers!

There could live easily 7 or 8 Billions of relative healthy people on this planet, without destoying there environment, but there can impossibly live 7 Billions of
Taro Asos on this loveley planet.

In my opinion those Taro Asos should hurry up and die! That could save Billions of lifes, or even our future!

(please translate into Japanese, Chinese etc…………..)


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